Holy Trinity Catholic Church
Welcome To Our Parish

Holy Trinity is a smaller, neighborhood parish in Atwater Village, Los Angeles, California. The parish was established in 1925. Our church building seats about 350 people, and has retained many traditional styles that make Catholic churches distinctive and reflect our parishioners' intimate relationship with Jesus Christ and His Real Presence in the Blessed Sacrament.

We serve Catholics and the community at large by offering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass daily, operating the parish school, and involving our parishioners in many ministries and apostolates. We hope this site will help to familiarize you with our community and those who serve you.

Sunday Offerings

(11/16) 33rd Sunday of Ordinary Time: $7,280.21
(11/09) 32nd Sunday of Ordinary Time: $8,201.25
(11/02) All Souls Day: $11,268.42
(10/26) 30th Sunday of Ordinary Time: $8,854.00
(10/19) 29th Sunday of Ordinary Time: $7,093.00
(10/12) 28th Sunday of Ordinary Time: $8,281.00
(10/05) 27th Sunday of Ordinary Time: $7,285.00
(09/28) 26th Sunday of Ordinary Time: $7,785.00
(09/21) 25th Sunday of Ordinary Time: $8,105.00
(09/14) The Exaltation of the Holy Cross: $6,105.00
(09/07) 23rd Sunday of Ordinary Time: $9,301.00
(08/31) 22nd Sunday of Ordinary Time: $7,374.00
(8/24) 21st Sunday of Ordinary Time: $7,685.00
(8/17) 20th Sunday of Ordinary Time: $8,756.00
(8/10) 19th Sunday of Ordinary Time: $9,326.00

Thank you for your generosity and continued support of Holy Trinity Church.

Parish News and Announcements

Christmas Party: Holy Trinity will be hosting their Annual Christmas party on December 6th from 6pm-11pm at the Incarnation Community Center (214 W. Fairview Ave., Glendale, CA 91202) It is located near Glenoaks Blvd and Central Ave. Tickets are $20. Mark your calendar and join us for the fun. Come and celebrate the birth of our Lord with fine food and entertainment.

World Movie Premiere: On Sunday December 7th, there will be a showing of the movie, Pedro Calungsod Batang Martyr at the Beyond the Stars Palace/Theater at 417 N Brand Blvd in Glendale. Showtimes are at 2pm, 4pm, and 6pm. For ticket information please call 714-331-0954.

New Parish Directory: Next year Holy Trinity parish will be turning 90 years old. We will be doing a new parish directory to celebrate the event. Photos will be taken throughout the month of Novenber and December free of charge. We hope to get as many people involved as possible. Please sign up after mass.

Thanksgiving Mass: There will be only one mass on Thanksgiving. It will be held at 8am. Please join us and start your day off by thanking God for all that he has blessed us with. We will be blessing the bread and wine that you will use for your Thanksgiving Meal. Bring it to mass and there will be a special blessing of these items. Let us all gather at the Lord's table with our parish family. 

Simbang Gabi: The novena starts December 15th and ends December 23rd. During the weekdays, mass is at 7pm; during the weekends, mass is at 5pm. There will be a reception in the school pavilion after the Dec. 23rd mass.

2015 Mass Intentions:
Mass intentions for 2015 will be available Monday December 1st at the parish office. Each mass intention asks for a minimum of a $10 donation. We are only allowed to offer one mass intention per liturgy, as this is a liturgical rule of the Church. You must pay at the time you request the mass. We will not be holding spots over the phone. In order to be fair to all of our parishioners you can only request five mass intentions per visit to the parish office. Mass intentions can be made Monday-Saturday with Margarita at the parish office from 8:30-12:30. Mass intentions cannot be made with the individual priests, they can only be done at the parish office. We thank you for abiding by these rules.

Marriage Encounter Weekend: Your spouse is God's gift to you. Discover what a life-changing Marriage Encounter Weekend can do for your marital relationship. Mar. 13-15, 2015 in Courtyard by Marriott in Monrovia. For more information: www.memconline.org or email: memcweekend@gmail.com. Contact: Winston/Dinah Perez at 818-527-MEMC

From the Pastor

To My Holy Trinity Family:

  Jesus makes it very clear in the Gospel this weekend that God has given each and every one of us talents. We are all different. But we all have talents. God created each and every one of us in a very special and unique way. Some of you may be really good artists or athletes. Others may be good at math or may be a really good writer. But what God has given to us, we must use to help others. If we do not use our talents or gifts to help others, we are not utilizing the giftedness that God has made in us. Jesus calls the servant in the Gospel today that does not use his talent as being
“Wicked and Lazy.” Being lazy with what God has given us is never acceptable. So lets get to work with what Jesus has given us. Serving our brothers and sisters is not an option, we are all called to serve as part of our vocations as Christians.

Stewardship is also part of what we do as Catholic Christians. We are called to give back to the Church and to help others in need. We pay the bills here at Holy Trinity through your generosity. The lights are on because of people like you. We are called to reflect on what we give to the Church. Blessed are those who give so generously to help sustain the financial needs of the parish. I challenge all of us to prayerfully reflect on what we give to Holy Trinity on a weekly basis. Are we giving back to God in proportion to what we are able to give? May God reward your generosity.

Please welcome to our Holy Trinity Family Ms. Karen Lloyd. Karen is our new principal at Holy Trinity Academy and Prep. She has served for many years as a principal in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Please pray for her and our phenomenal faculty as they carry out the task of educating our children in our parish school. Likewise, please pray for Lito Reyes and our team of catechists involved in our Religious Education Program. May they continue to be the instruments of Jesus work here at Holy Trinity.

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching on Thursday November 27th. We will only have on mass that day at 8am. I invite and encourage all of our families to attend. What better way to begin your Thanksgiving then by giving thanks to God for all that he has done for you. During that mass we will be blessing any bread or wine that you will be using for your Thanksgiving meal. Please joins us as we pause and give thanks to God for our countless blessings.

Tickets for the Holy Trinity Christmas Party on December 6th our being sold after mass or at the parish office with Margarita. Please also sign up for our 90th Anniversary parish Directory. May God continue to bless us for many more years to come.

In Christ,

Fr. Ricardo